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What were your most helpful learnings from the coaching sessions?

This was an incredibly helpful experience in developing my confidence and my self-awareness.  I often struggle with imposter syndrome, especially as a relatively young woman in a leadership role, and I think this really helped me see and embrace my strengths.


How have you used your knowledge about your leadership style and gifts since our sessions?

It really helps me when preparing for challenging conversations. I ask myself what I think the person is, and I try to prepare accordingly.
Knowing myself and knowing my team-mates has helped us to work together more harmoniously. I now appreciate ………’s attention to detail as a strength. I see that ……. is a visionary leader but she needs the S and C people around her to make things happen.


During what process have you considered the leadership style of someone you are communicating with, and adjusted your communication behaviour?

I am trying to be more direct and concise with …….., especially in email communication.  With ……… I’m trying to communicate more in person and to be really positive and supportive and to remind her that she’s doing a fantastic job in a really difficult time.  

DiSC Leadership Profiling with Individual Coaching Sessions.

Secondary School 
Senior Leadership team
American International School, 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

Reflection on first conceptual unit of work.

Chisnallwood Intermediate

Student reflections:

  • My inquiry was so good at the end because I didn’t give up and I could make it how I wanted to then shared it. I don’t like talking in front of people but it was my thing and I felt good about my work.

  • I like inquiry because I have control over what I am doing. 

  • My work is so much better because I had guidelines but I could change things as I went and could change my questions when it all went sideways.

  • I like the way we have the statement.  It can be interpreted in different ways.

  • I liked doing individual inquiry as you get to do your own ideas

  • It was good as the choice of task was up to us which was better

  • I have enjoyed picking our own inquiry and identity lead us to learning about each other's cultures.

  • Our end results of individual inquiry were awesome

  • We worked hard and we could investigate what we wanted but it was connected

  • We could share our opinions and ideas easily

Teacher Only Day
Avonside Girls' High School

Teacher reflections:  What did you gain from the EduKateNZ workshop?

  • "Opened up a way forward for me to collaborate with other subject areas.  I liked the practical strategies and she had the classroom experience to back it up.  Useful planning tools for next time.  10/10."

  • "It was useful to see examples of how subject teachers have collaborated."

  • "Concepts are a great binding point for collaboration."

  • "Some good practical 'how to' with Kate Brown."

  • "The value in conceptual thinking rather than subject thinking leading to critical thinkers and life-long learners."

Concept-based, inquiry curriculum development.

West Melton School

Teacher reflections:  What has been the biggest shift in your thinking?

  • "Understanding the purpose of the inquiry is the key to genuine learning and engagement."

  • "Not content-based, but concept-based with routes to deeper understanding."

  • "The importance of concept development"

  • "More learning through doing"


"I have had the distinct privilege to work with Kate Brown as my business coach.

Kate is a highly skilled and effective coach who has been trained and certified to the best standards in the world at the Conscious Coaching Academy in the United Kingdom. 

During my time with Kate, my life changed in many ways. Her line of questioning continually created new awareness in every session that led me towards my goals and objectives. Kate’s style is so genuine, authentic and caring. I instantly felt safe, resourceful and empowered to make the changes I needed to move forward on many fronts in my life.


She challenged my thinking. Her powerful insight and incredible listening skill provided the space for me to grow and become a better version of myself. 


It has been said that Coaching is 1% what you know and 99% who you are. In Kate’s  case, this cannot be more true.  One situation in particular comes to mind where she skillfully crafted key questions that altered my thinking and helped me move past a difficult issue within  an important relationship. She helped me come up with the solution by her intuitive line of inquiry throughout the process. 


Kate is a master coach. More importantly, Kate is an outstanding individual and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Winston Pain 
British Columbia, Canada

"After your workshops Kate our teachers are engaged, excited and eager to begin our new journey! Teachers have commented how at ease they felt during their new learning and that you struck a great balance of taking them out of their comfort zone while supporting them at the same time."  

Lee-Anne Maxwell

Associate Principal, Conifer Grove School, Auckland.

"Kate was brilliant today working with some of the Year 10 staff.   She did a great job, very knowledgeable and intuitive.  Knows when to ask the right questions."

Paul Donnelly

​Deputy Principal, St Thomas' of Canterbury College, Christchurch.

"Kate is a master at conceptual and inquiry pedagogies. She is an outstanding pedagogical leader who researches current theory and practices and is outstanding at guiding teachers to practical applications in the realities of their classroom.  She is a skilled administrator and teacher, a must have in your school-based P.D. or workshop."

David Harrold

Primary School Principal, The International School of Azerbaijan

"As a presenter, Kate is engaging and extremely knowledgeable about teaching and learning. Not only are her workshops relevant, purposeful and fun; but she sees to it that teachers have practical strategies they can immediately take back to their classrooms."

Kate Benson

PYP Coordinator, The International School of Azerbaijan

"Kate's work and understanding of the IBPYP is measured by the fact that she is highly sought after as a Workshop Leader for international educators.  She has been invited to work with the IBO in Cardiff on the Arts Curriculum statements - both measure of her international value and expertise."

Conal Atkins

Elementary School Principal, United Nations International School, Hanoi, Vietnam

"I can now teach my students at a deeper level rather than just surface features to get content across."

"I can now focus on the bigger picture with my students in order to build understanding."

"I know now how to unpack some of the overriding concepts."

​Teacher reflections after building a conceptual mathamatics curriculum.

Year 9 Ashburton College

"Kate, your skills knowledge and expertise are what we value and treasure. You have enabled us to reach new heights and we look forward to exploring new territories with your support and guidance." 

Iva Hamilton

Deputy Principal, Chisnallwood Intermediate School

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